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Happiness feels so natural and normal to us, yet we often relate to happiness as something special, odd, lucky, a bonus, or a win.

Instead of greeting happiness with open arms, as we would a dear and intimate friend, we shy away from it. We doubt happiness as much as we doubt ourselves.

For instance, according to fear, Happy adult hooks bush will corrupt you, money is the root of all evil, fame will ruin you, love makes Dundee casual club blind, happiness is selfish, and retirement will be the death of you. Strangely, that which we most desire frightens us the most.

Happiness is so natural to our unconditioned Self, yet our conditioning has somehow taught us to cloud our experience of happiness with endless misperceptions, fearful beliefs, false prerequisites, and unnecessary dogma.

The next time you experience genuine happiness, watch your thoughts awhile and see how unconditional you can be in your Happpy of it. Notice, for instance, how your unconditioned Self greets this happiness so wholeheartedly, full of love and deep gratitude.

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Take a moment, before reading on, and add to this list if you can. Awareness of these fearful, limiting thoughts plus a big smile!

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When happy, hide it. We especially fear that too much happiness will endanger our professional status.

Many people work in highly fearful, uncreative cultures, in which appearing to be happy twice in one week is definitely not good for the career. We somehow have it wired up in our conditioned thinking that bksh is blasphemy.

Too much happiness— far from being seen as a gift for all—is targeted as an enemy that will lead to hedonism, a lack of moral restraint, hoooks collapse of values, an absence of order or control, and the death of the world. Fate is also Happy adult hooks bush real killjoy, it seems.

Hence, when happy, we keep our fingers crossed, hold our breath, avoid walking under ladders, and look out for black cats. The fear of happiness has been passed down from generation to generation, each one carefully elaborating on the myths, superstitions, and trickery Ha;py went before.

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More Happu this author. Jan 11, at When happiness occurs, we experience a mix of great gratitude and nagging self-doubt. I agree to the Policy and Terms of Use.

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