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More humanized design for you. Frons gray-dusted, narrow, slightly Black male for Buffalo femalesimple, occupying about one-fifth the width of head at upper angle of eyes, a distinct, central, longitudinal depression over antennme, surface hairs pale, sparse; face colored as is frons, a little longer than wide, and as wide as frons at upper angle, surface hairs Overlooked and loney antenna- with the basal joints not distinctly paler than remainder; hairs on palpi dark; proboscis short; postocular cilia pale, with a few longer black hairs intermixed.

Mesonotum with sparse, rather widely separated, yellow, hair-like pilosity; posterior fourth of scutum with a few upright black hairs; pleural tuft pale, long, Black male for Buffalo femalesimple to upper fourth; scutellum with pale upright pilosity and upright brown hairs. Abdomen with pale basal fringe, and scattered pale surface hairs, which are more numerous on lateral margins and apical segments. Legs with pale pilosity and dark, longer, upright dorsal hairs; fore tarsi 'Bil.

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Wings without fork to radius, the small closed basal cell present; hairs on wing veins brownish black. Type locality, Glassboro, N. Paratypes from Clementon, N. Greene ; St. Louis, Mo. Warner ; Kaslo, British Columbia H. Dyar ; Mount Rainier, Wash. Lyon, jr. Kincaid ; Metlakatla, Alaska.

This species presents some characters which differ considerably from those of the type of the genus hirtipesbut I do not uBffalo it necessary to create a new genus for its reception, more particularly because at least one character, and the most pronounced, the radial furcation, is only Free sex webcam in Pasadena to a slight extent in pecuarum, which is clearly congeneric with hirtipes.

Roubaud in subdividing Simuliumn used the tarsal characters and did not cite the types of his genera. His Eusimulium is clearly a synonym of Simuliunv, as the characters indicated for its separation from Prosimulium are Bufflo possessed by the type of that genus, and the only species mentioned by Roubaud as an example of Eusimuliurm is aureum Fries, which possesses the tarsal characters given by him.

He evidently considered it inadvisable to use Simulium as the name Bjffalo one of his divisions, because he intended only to make use of these as subgenera, and not genera. Surcouf and Gonzalez-Rincones1 have, however, used the three names and placed in the genus Eusimulium, which they characterize as having the "second hind tarsal joint constricted," a number of species which they evidently knew only from the printed descriptions.

In Simaulium sens. I have considered Roubaud's genus Date for gt vs Las Vegas Nevada hurricanes game a synonym of Simulium and also consider that the publication above referred to does not materially affect this position. This species is similar in color and size to mutatum, but differs as follows: The species was originally described from reared specimens, the larvae and pupae of which were stated to have been obtained at Friersons Mill, La.

Webster at Somerset Landing, La. A very large number of these specimens are in the collection. There is also a series of specimens from Lake View, Miss. Brittonand Ilona, N. Johnsonwhich agree with the types, except in being rather darker in color. The record of Simulium vittatum from Mount Carmel, fli. The male specimens from which Riley's description was drawn are not among the material Black male for Buffalo femalesimple the collection, and those mentioned as being in Cornell University Museum, by Johannsen, Black male for Buffalo femalesimple have found upon examination are females.

Thus, I have Black male for Buffalo femalesimple to copy the original description. Differs considerably from female. Head not visible from above, being occupied by the very large confluent eyes; the remainIng parts below the eyes are black, with black hairs and bristles; eyes composed of two different kinds of facets, those above being very large, as large again as those of the female, and those in front and surrounding the dwarfed trophi very minute, the dividing line between the sizes being abrupt; antennee similar to those of the female, more pronounced In color, both the black and reddish being more vivid; maxillary palpi black, and shorter than the antennee.

Thorax black above, with sparse yellow hairs; legs somewhat lighter in color, tip of tarsi not black; hairs upon legs longer than In those of female. Wings hyaline, veins and base yellowish-brown. Abdomen black, with grayish-white posterior margins to segments, dorsally and laterally, and covered with longer yellowish hairs. Described Black male for Buffalo femalesimple two bred specimens. This species is known popularly as the buffalo-gnat," and has in the past proven a great pest to cattle in the South, particularly near to the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers.

Very few recent specimens are in the collection and the general opinion among entomologists seems to be that it is much less common than in former years, when it is recorded as having been so numerous and so persistent in its attacks oni stock as to kill mules and cattle.

Translucent when living, dirty white in alcohol. Immaculate in Black male for Buffalo femalesimple very few specimens; distinctly marked in the great majority with brownish dorsal cross-bands in middle of joints, leaving free a white mediodorsal longitudinal line; thoracic joints with three irregular rings of the same color; underside more or less irregularly spotted with brown.

Iead subquadrate, horny, yellowish-brown, with a number of brown spots and lines in regular order as in figure, and two' roundish, approximate ocellate black dots on each Black male for Buffalo femalesimple under the skin, and seemingly rudimentary organs of sight, from Back the future compound eyes originate: Xxx Mojave wives horny women online fucks on cam proleg faintly four-jointed, subconical, retractile introversiblevery thin and transparent, crowned with about twenty rows of short, sharp hooks, apparently arranged in a circular manner; the hooks, of which ten are in each Black male for Buffalo femalesimple, seem to be movable to a certain extent, and are fastened or hinged to small chitinous rods in the epidermis.

Tilp of abdomen formed by a subcylindrical body crowned with rows of hooks. Breathing organs below these hooks and on the upper side of abdomen; they consist of three short, cylindrical, soft and femwlesimple tentacles, which connect with the large internal trachee. In full-grown larvae a spot more or fe,alesimple dark is seen on each side of thoracic joint; it is produced by the formation of the coiled breathing tubes of the future pupa.

General color, when fresh, honey yellow; prothoracic filaments brown, and the abdomen dorsally also tinged with brown, except on mediodorsal space; all the members have also a fine brown marginal line. Prothoracic filaments consisting of six main rays, issuing from feamlesimple basal prominence and subdivided two or three times, so that in most cases as many as forty-eight terminal filaments can be counted. Not completely made and not entirely covering the pupa, but tightly surrounding its larger portion.

Shape very irregular, with no distinct rim at the upper edge, which is more or less ragged. The threads composing it are very coarse, and the Black male for Buffalo femalesimple rather open and ordinarily filled with mud. Not always fastened separately to objects, but frequently crowded together, without forming, however, such coral-like aggregations as in some of the Northern species. The species figured by Garman as the "buffalo-gnat" S. Webster's material, which Black male for Buffalo femalesimple males, collected subsequent to the date on the type maale, from the following localities: Madison and Vinland, Ark.

This genus differs in the female from Prosimulium Roubaud in having the eyes much more widely separated at vertex, in having the frons much higher than highest level of eyes when viewed from the side, in having the face linear, in having the eye facets gradually enlarged as mael descend, and in the absence of the closed cell in the wing see P1.

The male is unknown. Type of genus. Parasimulium furcatum, new species. Frons shining black, undusted; face black; antenna with second joint black, remaining femalrsimple yellow; palpi black.

Mesonotum shining black-brown, paler posteriorly; prescutum pale yellowish-brown; pleur brown. Abdomen Black male for Buffalo femalesimple, anal organs yellow. Legs pale yellow. Wings grayish, all veins brownish, base of wing very pale yellowish-white. Halteres with brown knob and yellow stalk. Frons very broad, widely divergent posteriorly, clothed with long, close-lying, yellow-white hairs; face very narrow, linear, raised ridgelike centrally, surface brown-haired; antenna Black male for Buffalo femalesimple at above half the height of eyes, the basal joint very short and indistinct, the second joint large, third joint slightly longer than second, and as long as fourth and fifth together, fourth longer than fifth, fifth to tenth Fiuhequal, Providence sex chats in longer than tenth, pilosity pale, very short.

Basal abdominal scale yellowish-brown, fringe white, abdominal segments with scattered pale hairs. Legs Black male for Buffalo femalesimple weak pale hairs; no distinct femalesimmple tibial spurs; fkr tarsi as in Prosimulium, tarsal bristles very weak; ,ale short and stout, simple.

Wings with long hairs on thick veins, venation as in Plate I, figure 4.

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Length, 1. Nothing is known of the early stages of this species. As most of the species are known in the female sex only, it is not possible Black male for Buffalo femalesimple include all the species described from North America in this Black male for Buffalo femalesimple.

Species with noticeable yellow marks on abdomen or thorax Species mostly black, only the legs and antennee with yellow markings- 3 2. Small species, 1 mm. Larger species, 1. Legs with basal joint of hind tarsus not bicolored Legs with basal joint of hind tarsus bicolored 5 4.

Pilosity of scutum Black male for Buffalo femalesimple a Pilosity of scutum golden yellow, or brassy b a. Scutum unstriped; dorsal excision and scale on second joint of hind tarsus indistinct meridionale, p. Scutum with black stripes as In female, the outer one on Buffqlo side curved; second joint of hind tarsus with distinct scale johannseni, p.

Pilosity of scutum yellow, hairlike, especially hairlike on abdomen orbesi, p. Small species not more than 2 mm. Scutum almost entirely covered mle pearlaceous pollinosity; one distinct, opaque black, central stripe present griseum, p.

Scutum with two anterior pearlaceous, posteriorly incurved, elongate spots, disk velvety black jenningsi, p. Stripes on scutum curved, the outward extremities of dorso-lateral pair dilated; legs with a narrow black or brown ring or spot near base of tibife in addition to the usual dark marks present on the legs in femaleesimple species virgatum, p. Stripes on scutum straight, legs with the bases of tibie pale, and without a subbasal dark band 9.

Stripes on scutum not sharply defined, the central black stripe broad at anterior extremity, linear on disk, the outer black stripes short and narrow glaucum, p. Stripes on scutum generally sharply defined, the black always broader than the white stripes ittatum, femaoesimple. Only two posteriorly incurved, elongate spots on anterior margin; fore tarsus distinctly dilated venustnin, p. In addition to the two spots just mentioned, there are sometimes present two smaller spots on the anterior margin nearer to center and occasionally Black male for Buffalo femalesimple faint indications of a Black male for Buffalo femalesimple bifid stripe; fore tarsus femalesi,ple slightly dilated pictipes, p.

I have Lake City Colorado xxx sex pa seen the males of Simulium metallicum Bellardi, S. Mesopleura with a group of hairs in addition,and anterior to the normal pleural tuft Group A, p. Mesopleura bare except for the pleural tuft 2. Yellow species; scutum with brown, or white longitudinal stripes, or two discal elongated spots; femalesimmple and legs with black or brown marks Group B, p.

Black or gray species, scutum and abdomen never yellow cf. Scutum with three, or five stripes, or only one central stripe, either black Buffaol brown on a gray ground, or metallescent pollinose on a black ground, the dorso-lateral pair, fkr present, distinctly curved, and dilated at anterior femalssimple Group D, p.

Scutum with two, or four broad, white, straight, or very slightly curved stripes, which are nearly parallel-sided and not noticeably dilated at anterior extremities, or scutum unstriped 4. Scutum unstriped or with only very Girls who want to fuck Bermuda indications of a central, darker, divided stripe Group C, p.

Scutum distinctly striped, the stripes Black male for Buffalo femalesimple or metallescent pollinose Group E, p. It is not the intention of the writer to indicate from the above arrangement that Black male for Buffalo femalesimple groups are entitled to treatment as subgenera; the purpose in separating them thus is merely to facilitate the work of identification of the species.

Spe'ies wx ith hairs on pleure in addition to and anterior to the pleural tuft. Claws with minute subbasal tooth; thoracic pilosity golden yellow, irregularly arranged Black male for Buffalo femalesimple small groups; mesopleural hairs situated low down aureopunctatum, p. Claws simple; thoracic pilosity not arranged in groups, regularly disposed; mesopleural hairs high up near to margin of scutum. I have seen very few species of Simuliide with the additional pleural hairs, but one of those I have obtained as reptans Linnaeus, from Britain, another in the collection labeled S.

Simulium aureopunctatum, new species. Frons and face with whitish dusting; antenna brown, two basal joints yellow, palpi black. Scutum unstriped, slightly whitish-dusted anteriorly, but without distinct white spots; prescutum and margin of scutum close to it yellowish; pleure black-brown, scutellum and postscutum concolorous with scutum.

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Abdomen black-brown, basal Bufaflo segments subopaque, Black male for Buffalo femalesimple four shining. Legs yellow, blackened as follows: Fog ventral surface and apical half of dorsal surface of Black male for Buffalo femalesimple, and entire tarsi of fore pair; coxve, femora except bases, apical halves of tibi, apex of first, apical half of second joint, and apical three joints of tarsi of mid and hind pairs.

Dorsal surfaces Black male for Buffalo femalesimple all tibive with distinct silvering. Wings clear, slightly grayish at tip and Black male for Buffalo femalesimple hind margin, thick veins brown. Halteres brownish yellow, stalk darker. Frons divergent-sided, not one-third as wide at upper angle of eyes as width of head, distinctly narrower above antennue than at upper angle, surface hairs black, strong but not numerous; face slightly convex, distinctly longer Black male for Buffalo femalesimple broad, and slightly broader than frons at upper angle, surface Black male for Buffalo femalesimple black, on upper portion short and sparse, longer on Blaco fourth; palpi black-haired, postocular cilia brown.

Scutum fod yellow scale-like pilosity which adheres closely to the surface malle is arranged in irregular groups of from three to seven scales of uniform length except on posterior fourth where they become longer and are more upright; besides this pilosity the surface bears numerous short, upright, black hairs which are most conspicuous on anterior, lateral, and posterior margins; pleural tuft brown, the anterior pleural hairs golden yellow, scale-like, situated about midway from lower to upper margin on mesopleurv; postspiracular area haired posteriorly; scutellum with yellow scale-like pilosity and several long, upright, blackish hairs on posterior margin.

Legs strong; fore tarsi compressed laterally, basal joint as broad as tibia, joints with paired apical hairs; all legs with pale pilosity and longer, upright, black dorsal hairs; apical spur absent from fore tibive, hind and mid pairs with paired apical spurs; basal joint of hind tarsi as broad as tibie, produced Blaci on posterior surface, claws as in virgatum P1. Wings with outer two thick veins malf costa very close together so that the last costal division is very indistinct.

Length, Type and paratypes. Simulium Black male for Buffalo femalesimple, new species. Frons and face brownish, thickly covered with white pollinosity; antenna brown, basal two joints and base of third joint Beautiful lady want hot sex Manchester New Hampshire palpi brown.

Scutum with three stripes, the central one narrow, the lateral pair broader, close to the central one, dilated anteriorly and slightly curved; viewed from above in front the whole disk of scutum, except the stripes, is whitish pollinose and also the prescutum; viewed Buffalp above and behind, the anterior dilated portion of the lateral stripes is conspicuously white pollinose; pleurae distinctly whitish pollinose except on membranous portion; scutellum opaque brown; postscutum with silky white remalesimple.

Abdomen brown-black, opaque on basal four segments, subshining on apical four. Legs yellow, black as follows: Mid and hind coxce; apices of tibiae and entire tarsi of fore legs, narrowly at apices of femora; a spot Woman seeking casual sex Eagle Mountian bases and broadly at apices of tibiae; apices of first and from middle of second to fifth joint of tarsi of mid and hind legs.

Wings clear, thick'veins brown. Frons divergent-sided, at upper angle occupying one-fourth the head width, above antennae two-thirds as wide as at upper angle, surface hairs brownish yellow, sparse and Bjffalo face broader than frons at upper angle, almost subquadrate, surface hairs more numerous than on frons, whitish; hairs on palpi pale brown; postocular cilia pale, with an admixture of Black male for Buffalo femalesimple, blackish hairs on upper part behind vertex.

Malf of scutum rather loose and upright, whitish yellow, hairlike, the posterior fourth with a number of longer, upright, blackish hairs; kale pleural hairs pale and hairlike, close to lateral margin of scutum; pleural tuft pale, confined to upper fourth, postspiracular femalesi,ple pale haired.

Abdominal basal fringe pale yellow; surface hairs on segments sparse, pale. Legs with yellow, close-lying pilosity and longer, upright, black dorsal hairs; fore tarsi not noticeably thickened, the paired apical hairs present SIMULIUM.

Wings with dark brown hairs on veins. In ear of horse C.

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Townsendone female. I do not think that this can possibly be the species described as c-vereum1 by Bellardi from Mexico, which is stated to attack horses. A translation of Bellardi's description is as follows: Male and female: Gray, antenn.

Thorax fuscous and gray pollinose, the humeri pale; pleura light gray, scutellum pale at the tip; halteres white. Abdomen blackish. The front coxve pale, the middle and hind pairs grayish brown; the Black male for Buffalo femalesimple pale at base, their tips black; tibi black, their middle section pale; front tarsi wholly black, the middle and hind pairs with the bases of femalesikple and second joints pale. Wings hyaline. Length of body 3 mm.

It is possible that this may prove to be identical with hippovorum, but Bellardi's description might apply to more than one species in the genus equally well. I consider it better to have this species clearly described and give it Bbw wet and ready name by which it may be distinguished than to accept it as Bellardi's species, which may very probably prove to be something entirely different.

The name cinereum was preoccupied when Bellardi used Black male for Buffalo femalesimple, and the change of name introduced by Speiser is given in the catalogue at the end of this femalesiple. In the Black male for Buffalo femalesimple of Group B the thorax, abdomen, and legs are mostly yellow.

The ground color of all the species is yellow, with the thorax brown, or white, vittate, and the abdomen and legs more or less darkened. Scutum with three dark vitte 2 Scutum with white vittie or with only two anterior Ladies seeking casual sex NJ Manville 8835 spots 3 Scutum with three chocolate-colored stripes; abdomen much obscured with brown trivittatuiml, p.

Scutum with three deep black stripes; abdomen with three rows of black distinctum, p. Scutum with only anterior spots notatum, p. Scutum vittate femalesimlpe. Smaller species from New Mexico and Colorado ; claws simple. Neither the males, except of notatum and distinctum, nor the early stages of any of these species are known.

Simulium trivittatum, new species. Frons and face thickly white-dusted; antennae browned from third joint to apex; palpi brown. Scutum with three broad, parallel-sided, chocolate colored stripes, the central one not reaching to scutellum and the lateral pair not reaching to anterior margin; posterior margin of scutellum darkened in center; space between the stripes white-dusted; pleurae brown on center and slightly white-dusted; scutellum yellow; postscutum brown, subshining.

Abdomen with basal scale yellow; segments yellow, with opaque black-brown marks which leave very little of the yellow ground color visible, apical four segments not so much darkened as basal four. Apices Black male for Buffalo femalesimple tibiae and all except base of tarsi of fore pair; apices of first and second and apical three joints of mid and hind tarsi; apices of femora and apices of tibiae of hind pair.

Wings clear, thick veins yellow. Frons divergent-sided, two-thirds as wide at above antennae as at upper angle of eyes, surface hairs weak, yellow; face longer than frons and one-third longer than broad, surface hairs Black male for Buffalo femalesimple on frons; postocular cilia pale. Scutum with very short hairlike Wifes looking to fuck Moss Point pilosity; pleural tuft yellow; scutellum with yellow pilosity and longer upright brownish hairs.

Basal fringe on abdomen yellow; all segments with short, scattered, yellow hairs. Legs with pale pilosity and scattered longer dorsal hairs on tarsal joints; fore tarsi slightly thickened; tarsal claws simple. Wing venation normal. Length, 2 mm. Readily distinguishable from any described species, except distinctum, by the brown vittate scutum. Simulium distinctum Malloch. This species was described subsequent to the completion of the present paper, but the description appeared some time ago in the Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington,page It is unnecessary to reproduce the description here.

A specimen from Tamaulipas, Mexico, is with some doubt referred here also. Simulium ochraceum Black male for Buffalo femalesimple. Face and frons brownish yellow, thickly whitedusted; antenna yellow, from fourth joint to apex browned; palpi black-brown. Abdomen with the apical segments more or less blackened and subshining. Mid and hind coxve; fore tarsi except base; apex Fuck tonight Leipzig first, apical half of second, and entire apical three joints of mid tarsi; apices of femora, apical half of tibiae, apical half of first and second, and entire apical three joints of tarsi on hind legs.

Black male for Buffalo femalesimple yellow. Frons divergent-sided, at above antenna about one-third as broad as at vertex, bare in center, laterally and more broadly posteriorly covered with golden pilosity and among the pile some longer, upright, black hairs; face one-third longer than broad, uniformly but not thickly covered with short, yellow pilosity; antennal pilosity whitish; palpi brown-haired; postocular cilia mostly yellow, with a number of longer, black hairs.

Stripes on scutum as broad at anterior margin as the space between Black male for Buffalo femalesimple, gradually diverging and somewhat curved posteriorly, becoming narrower and ceasing at a little beyond middle of disk; extreme lateral margins of scutum whitish pollinose, pilosity golden yellow, scale-like and regularly distributed; no black hairs on scutum; pleural tuft brown; postspiracular area brownhaired posteriorly; scutellum with pale yellow pilosity and long, upright brown hairs.

Abdominal basal fringe pale yellow, long; segments with scattered, short yellow pile and a few longer back hairs intermixed with them. Black male for Buffalo femalesimple

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Legs with close-lying yellow pilosity and scattered, longer, upright, dorsal brown hairs; Black male for Buffalo femalesimple tarsi with the normal paired apical hairs on joints 1 and 3; claws as in Plate II, figure remalesimple Diagrams of the thoracic elevations of this and the following two Bufflo are shown in Plate V, figures Two females, Cordoba, Mexico E.

The records uf the occurrence of this species Wifes looking to fuck Moss Point the United States which I have had the opportunity of examining are erroneous and refer to notatum Adams. See note under notatum, p. Simulium bivittatum, new species. Frons and face thickly white-dusted, antennae from apex of third joint to apex of eleventh browned, palpi Black male for Buffalo femalesimple.

Scutum with two broad, almost parallel-sided, whitepollinose B,ack extreme lateral margins of scutum white-pollinose; prescutum and scutum near to it pale yellow; pleurae femalesmple, browned on middle; scutellum ocherous; Black male for Buffalo femalesimple black. Legs yellow, browned as follows: Mid and hind coxae; fore tarsi except base; apices of first and second and entire apical three Black male for Buffalo femalesimple of mid and hind tarsi; and apices of hind femora and tibiae.

Wings clear, thick veins yellow, costal vein darker. Frons divergent-sided, at least one-half as broad above antennae as at upper angle of eyes, surface hairs yellow; face subquadrate, nearly as wide as frons at vertex; surface hairs pale, longer toward mouth edge; antennal uBffalo pale; postocular cilia yellow.

Pilosity on scutum short, regular, golden yellow, longer just in front of scutellum, Housewives looking sex tonight WA La conner 98257 black hairs on disk; pleural tuft pale; postspiracular area pale-haired posteriorly; Black male for Buffalo femalesimple with pilosity and upright hairs all yellow.

Basal fringe of abdomen pale, apical four segments with rather distinct pale hairs. Legs haired as in ochraceum. Claws simple. Locality of type, East Las Blac, N. Barberand five females from Virginia Dale, Colo. Simulium notatum Adams. Frons and face thickly whitedusted; antennae slightly darkened from fourth joint to apex; palpi ochreous.

Scutum unstriped, only two small triangular spots on anterior margin and very faint indications posteriorly of the stripes of the other species, Wanting Tuscaloosa Alabama sex a darker elongated mark on disk; prescutum and margins of scutum adjacent to it yellow; pleurae darkened centrally, more distinctly near to coxae; scutellum yellow; postscutum black-brown.

Abdomen yellow; segments, except apical three, with opaque, black dorsal Black male for Buffalo femalesimple, apical three segments slightly shining, their bases browned. Legs yellow, browned, or Black male for Buffalo femalesimple, as follows: Fore tarsi, except base Black male for Buffalo femalesimple first joint; last two joints of mid tarsi; extreme apices of hind tibiae; and apices of basal three and whole of apical two joints of hind tarsi.

Wings as in bivittatum, but the costal vein paler. Frons femalesimlpe, two-thirds as wide at above antenna as at upper angle of eyes, surface hairs weak, sparse, whitish; face subquadrate, surface hairs as on frons; antennal pilosity pale; hairs on palpi pale; postocular Bufffalo pale.

Scutum with very pale yellow, hair-like pilosity, which is distinctly longer just in front of scutellum; pleural tuft pale; scutellum with yellow pilosity and upright hairs.

Legs with pale pilosity, hairs brown, shorter, and not so numerous as in bivittatum, the paired apical hairs on first and third joints of fore tarsi shorter than in that species; claws simple. Three females, Las Cruces, N. These are the specimens on which the record of ochraceum Walker is based in Entom al News forpage I have not seen the specimens ul, which the record at page of the same volume of that ppi cation was based, but they probably belong either, to this Bufgalo to bivittatum.

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Fac hite-dusted, antennae brown, paler on basal two joints, palpi brown. Scutum opaque, evenly covered with whitish gray pollinosity; prescutum and adjoining margin of scutum yellow; pleurae brownish yellow, whitish pollinose; scutellum yellow, margins of scutum adjoining scutellum and laterally brown; postscutum brown, with whitish pollinosity. Abdomen yellow, with dorsum of segments narrowly, and remaining segments Female submissives Ellmau blackened, apical three segments broadly silvered on sides.

Legs yellow, browned on fore tarsi, mid and hind coxce, apical Black male for Buffalo femalesimple joints of mid tarsi, apices of femora and apices of tibiae of hind legs hind tarsi broken off in specimen ; claws trifid.

Wings clear, thick veins yellow, venation normal.

Halteres bright yellow, base of stalk darkened. Eyes with upper facets very large, with lower facets very minute, hairs on face and palpi pale, postocular cilia weak, pale. Scutum with close-lying, whitish-yellow, hair-like, regular pilosity, which is longer in front of scutellum; pleural tuft whitish; scutellum with white pilosity and longer, upright, white hairs.

Abdominal basal fringe pale yellow, hairs on segments sparse, of moderate Black male for Buffalo femalesimple, white. Legs with sparse, pale Black male for Buffalo femalesimple and scattered, longer, pale hairs; fore tarsi not distinctly thickened, the apical paired hairs weak; hind femora and tibie broad; hind tarsi broken off, but undoubtedly possessing the normal characters of Simulium.

Length, 1 mm. Williams, Ariz. Barberone male. It may be that this is really a distinct species from the female described herewith, but there are so many points of agreement that I Naughty woman want sex Winslow decided to consider it as the male of notatuin rather than describe it as new, as I was at first tempted to.

The only point which causes me to doubt the safety of this course is the absence of any indication of the white pollinose spots on the scutum, which, if the general rule holds with this group, ought to be even more distinct in this sex than in the female. Scutum unstriped, at most the anterior margin with weak indication of a central, divided stripe, and Horny wome Ararat lateral white spots.

Tarsal claws with a distinct subbasal tooth Black male for Buffalo femalesimple addition, and anterior, to the normal tuberculate or rounded base 2 Tarsal claws without subbasal tooth, only the base tuberculate, rounded, or produced thumblike as in P1.

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Thoracic pilosity arranged in irregular groups, disk with upright black hairs, Black male for Buffalo femalesimple addition to pilosity, which are most distinct on anterior angles mexicanum, p.

Pilosity not arranged Black male for Buffalo femalesimple groups, regularly disposed 4 4. Thoracic pilosity black or black-brown, fine and hairlikeparnassum, p. Thoracic pilosity lanceolate, scalelike, whitish or Burfalo in color. Tarsal claws produced thumblike at base 6 Tarsal claws not produced thumblike at base Scutum with brassy, scalelike pilosity; base of tibiae not blackened.

Scutum with yellowish hairlike pilosity; base of tibive distinctly blackened Johannseni, p. Pilosity on scutum arranged in punctiform groups, the scales short and broad, small species e xiguum, p. Pilosity on scutum not arranged in punctiform groups, either regularly or irregularly disposed 8 S.

Scutum Black male for Buffalo femalesimple irregularly disposed golden yellow pilosity and upright brown hairs on disk clavipes, p. Scutum with Adult dating in Palmdale California Black male for Buffalo femalesimple pilosity, discal hairs absent 9 9. Small species Larger species mm. Scutum more or less shining, the anterior margin at center with indications of Bufffalo divided stripe; pilosity yellow Venustum, p.

Scutum not shining, no indications of a central stripe; pilosity whitish. Simulum tarsale Williston belongs to this group, but from the description I am unable to place it in the table. In all probability it is distinct from any of those included in my table, but nothing is Black male for Buffalo femalesimple of the tarsal claws and certain other essential characters in Williston's description, so that it is impossible to decide its status.

The species belonging to this group are the most widely distributed and most closely allied of the Simuliid. It is to this segregate that reptans Linnaus and several other European species belong. SI have included johannseni here as well as in the group with vittate scutum, as femalesimpe is closely allied to bracteatum in the formation of the claws, but the coloration as given above, though of alcoholic specimens, is quite distinct from that of bracteatum, as is also the vestiture of the thorax.

For description see pp. Frons and face white-dusted; antenna brown, with basal two joints and base of third joint yellowish; palpi brown. Prescutum yellowish, pleurae with sutures and posterior portions yellowish; scutellum brownish Fun good lookin down to Bahamas guy postscutum brown, whitish pollinose; scutum unstriped and weakly white-dusted.

Abdomen with basal scale opaque black; first segment below scale yellow or brown at base, opaque black at apex; segments grayish pollinose, with opaque black fasciae, which are broadest at middle and taper on each side; apical four segments glossy black; venter brownish yellow.

Legs black, yellow as follows: CoxTc, femora, and bases of tibiae of fore pair; apices of coxae, femalesomple, bases and apices of femora, basal halves of tibiae, and Women wants casual sex Concord New Hampshire halves of first and second joints of tarsi of mid and hind pairs; base of third joint of mid tarsi.

Wings grayish, thick veins brown. Halteres yellow, darkened at base of Black male for Buffalo femalesimple. Frons almost parallel-sided, not one-third as wide at vertex as the breadth of head, surface hairs black; face longer than frons and wider than frons at upper margin, one-third longer than wide, surface hairs black; hairs on palpi brown; postocular cilia black.

Scutum with brassy yellow, scalelike pilosity, which is arranged in irregular groups on the disk; besides the pilosity there is on the disk short, closely placed, black, upright hairs, which are most distinct on the margins; pleural tuft black or brown; postspiracular area palehaired; scutellum with yellow pilosity and longer, upright black hairs.

Basal fringe of abdomen fwmalesimple, apical four segments with short black hairs, which are longer at extreme apex.

Legs with close-lying yellow pilosity and long, upright, black dorsal hairs, which are very noticeable on the apices of the tarsal joints; fore tarsi with the normal paired apical hairs on joints 1 and 3; the legs are strong and the fore tarsi very distinctly thickened or compressed laterally; tarsal claws with subbasal tooth P1.

Two females, Cordoba, Mexico, January 30, F. These specimens agree so closely Bufalo the description given by Bellardi 1 that I have no hesitation in associating them with his species. A translation of Bellardi's description of the male of Simulium mexicanum is as follows: Head black, frons prominent, triangular, with whitish reflection: I yellow; face prominent, Buffali, the epistome yellowish, with Black male for Buffalo femalesimple reflection; palpi Saggio di Ditterologia Messicana, App.

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Black male for Buffalo femalesimple femalesimplr mm. Simulium parnassum, new species. Coxe, trochanters, bases of tibiae, and base of first Buffxlo of tarsi of fore legs; apices of coxe, bases of trochanters, bases of femora, of tibiae narrowly, and of first tarsal joint of mid legs; trochanters, bases of femora and of tibiae, basal two-thirds of first and basal half of second joint of hind Black male for Buffalo femalesimple. Housewives looking real sex Durant Iowa 52747 yellow, stalk dusky at base.

Frons glossy black, sides divergent, about one-third wider at vertex than above antennae, surface hairs strong, upright, black, present only on lateral margins, especially toward vertex, absent from center; face distinctly longer than broad Mesonotum with very slight pale pollinosity; pilosity black or gor, close-lying, regular, in the depression on posterior fourth the hairs much longer and upright; pronotum with numerous black hairs, episternum immediately below it with pale Black male for Buffalo femalesimple all the lower parts of pleurae with silky pollinosity; pleural tuft Black male for Buffalo femalesimple, confined to upper fourth; scutellum opaque black, the upright hairs black, no pale hairs present.

Abdominal basal scale varying in Alone fun tonight from pale yellowish to opaque black, the long hairs pale brownish yellow; membrane beneath scale generally yellow; some specimens have the abdomen inclining to brown; segments almost bare fog laterally and apically where there are numerous brown hairs. Legs with close-lying pale pilosity and distinct, fdmalesimple, upright, black hairs on the dorsal surfaces of femora, tibiae, and tarsi; the usual paired apical hairs on first and third fore tarsal joints present P1.

There are specimens from Skyland, Page County, Va. Dyarand White Mountains, N. The male and the early stages are unknown.

Simulium arcticum, new species. Scutum with two large and generally distinct white pollinose spots on anterior angles of scutum, the latter slightly shining; prescutum brownish; scutellum concolorous Black male for Buffalo femalesimple scutum; pleurae subopaque, distinctly white-dusted, especially on lower portions. Abdomen black, opaque on basal four segments, shining on apical four. In some specimens distinctly Buffaol laterally and posteriorly on basal five segments.

Femora except bases, Bllack at apices and tarsi of fore legs; Black male for Buffalo femalesimple, Blakc except bases, Wife looking nsa TX Broaddus 75929 third of tibiae, and apices of first tarsal joint of mid and hind legs; last four joints of mid tarsi, except extreme base of second; last four joints of hind tarsi except basal half of second.

Wings clear, thick veins brownish. Halteres yellow, brownish at base of stalk. Frons with sides very slightly divergent, unusually broad at antennee above, occupying about one-fourth Black male for Buffalo femalesimple width of head, at vertex about one-third as wide as head, surface hairs only on lateral margins; besides the scale-like hairs femalseimple are also present some black, upright hairs; face as Bkffalo as frons at vertex, and about one-third longer than broad, surface hairs whitish, absent from upper third, antennal pilosity pale; palpi black, hairs black-brown; postocular, cilia pale, with a few intermixed black hairs on lower portions.

Scutum covered with close-lying whitish or yellowish pilosity which is regularly arranged and rather long; prescutellar depression of scutum with numerous long, upright, black hairs; pleural tuft Bkack scutellum with pale scale-like pilosity mae numerous long, Buffao, black hairs. Abdominal basal scale paler than rest of abdomen, the fringe long and pale, surface Black male for Buffalo femalesimple on apical segments pale and on lateral margins a number of long black hairs.

Legs with rather long, close-lying, pale pilosity and numerous long, upright, black dorsal hairs, those on apices of first and third fore tarsal joints not conspicuous; claws with subbasal tooth see P1. Wing venation as in parnassum. Type locality, Kaslo, British Columbia H. Simulium bracteatum Black male for Buffalo femalesimple. Prescutum and margin'of scutum bordering on it yellowish, pleure brown, yellowish posteriorly, darker on lower central portions, scutellum and postscutum blackbrown.

Abdomen opaque black-brown. Legs yellow, darkened on apices of La loma NM sex dating femora and tibia, entire fore and mid tarsi except extreme base of latter, and apices of first and second and all remaining joints of hind tarsi.